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Boiler Brands and Models of our expertise
Aalborg-Alfa Laval Boilers
Troubleshooting and Drydock Solutions on the following boiler models
Mission X and XX Boilers
KB series burners
Hands on experience on the following burners
PressureJet Burners
Rotary Cup Burners
Weishaupt Burners (MS, RMS series)
Saacke Burners (SKV, SKVJ series)
Mitsubishi Boilers
Troubleshooting and Dry dock solutions on the following boiler models
Mitsubishi boiler all models such as MAC-B series (MAC 20B,MAC 25B,MAC 30B, MAC 35B,MAC 40B, MAC 45B, MAC 50B, MAC 55B).
Programming and upgrading to the latest model of PLC CPU for the Automatic Combustion Control (ACC) Systems Including AutomaticBoiler Controls (ABC) and Burner Management Systems (BMS) controls.
Thermal Fuel Oil (TFO) Boilers
We carry out servicing jobs on TFO Boilers of all brands and models
Specialized in the following boilers and brand
Kangrim Boilers with Yamatake
SDC Controllers and PLCs
Sunflame Boiers
MIURA Boilers
HADA Boilers
Troubleshooting of all types of automation issues.
Retrofitting / Upgrading of Old model PLC units to a newer versions.
Development of Software programs and carry out Commissioning jobs according to the new software.
Program development and retrofitting of boilers with OMRON C500, C1000H and C200H,C200HS, C200HX PLC with the latest models of the PLC units.
Main Highlights of our packages are
Complete set of Electrical Drawing of the upgraded system.
Software Backup will be handed over to the client-FREE
Briefing / Training to ship crew onboard vessel.
6 ~ 12 months Hardware / software and service warranty (Optional)
PLC Retrofitting / Upgrading Solutions
Retrofitting of Boiler Automatic Combustion Control (ACC) Systems
Retrofitting of Inert Gas Systems and Generators (IGS & IGG)
Retrofitting of Water Ballast Tank and Pump room Gas Detection systems
PLC based new systems design and upgrading solutions on leading brands such as
FATEK and all other leading brands
HMI based new systems design and upgrading solutions on leading brands such as
KINKO and all other leading brands
Hands on experience on general automation equipment such as
Tank Level Gauging systems on all leading brands such as Musasino, Tokyo Keiki, Vega Systems, Saab Radar

Oil Discharge and Monitor Equipment (ODME) such as Seres, Seil-Seres, JOWA, VAF systems, Rivertrace, Sasakura, Mitsubishi, Rongde etc.

Gas Detection Systems such as Omicron, MSA, Riken Keiki, Consilium Salwico Systems, HQ Gas Detectors etc

Oily Water Separator (OWS)-15ppm Bilge Monitor such as Deckma Hamburg, FOCAS, Branstorm Bilgemon 488 etc

General Engine Room Alarm Systems such as Kongsberg, Data chief models, Sorent.Lingso, Terasaki, JRC etc

Purifiers such as Alfa Laval and all leading brands